SIP is important for our security, Use PlayTools.framework

Sideload with PlayTools.framework instead of using PlayCover with SIP disabled.

SIP is important for our security, Use PlayTools.framework
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Don't you think that disabling the SIP of M1 processor is too risky? I do think so. However, the PlayCover — the tool to run every iOS application on the ARM-based macs is preventing the use of their functionalities without disabling the SIP. I'm proposing a way to jump over the limitation to be safe.


What you can do is running apps without disabling the SIP. Instead, you'll lose an ability to customize the settings, and get the limitation on the number of apps. You may find a way to do it but I am not the battle-tester on the gaming world and won't handle it in here.

I am going to explain in a simple way you can follow in here. For iOS tweak developers, the workaround is really simple: Just inject PlayTools.framework into the IPA and sideload it.

Also, the important thing is that PlayTools.framework is also the work of PlayCover developers. This is not a switching process from PlayCover ecosystem, or leaving the PlayCover community.

The step-by-step guide book

Then let's start. You'll need three things:

  • A decrypted IPA file to inject
  • PlayCover installation image — DMG file.
  • proper setup of Sideloadly

Extracting the built-in PlayTools.framework

Or you can just build PlayTools.framework which is open-sourced on GitHub instead.

In this way, you don't need to face any of development-related tools or installation steps. What you'll need to do is just clicking instead. Open the DMG file, and right-click or open context menu on

Then click Show Package Contents.

Now, you'll find PlayTools.framework under Frameworks folder. Copy the folder into your favorable place.

Install via Sideloadly

Now, open Sideloadly to install the app on your ARM-based mac. In my case, I setup the local anisette — would open an Apple Mail app for the work. Enable the Tweak injection, and put the copied PlayTools.framework folder by clicking + framework button. I don't know if Sideload spoofer option did work or impacting the result, but honesty I worried about being detected during the test. So, I just enabled the option.

I tested it with Genshin Impact application for the most common users and fortunately it works great — even no need to disable the SIP to sign-in. But still if you don't get any kind of Apple Developer Account, you'll limited to sideload 10 apps per a week and get 3 active apps at the time — as you always did with your iPhone.

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