For our team, caring about your privacy is an important issue. Also, we aim to serve our content and products smoothly in high quality. However, there are some limitations to our policies. I will describe how your data is processed in our system to ensure the privacy of your data and info.

We're constantly improving this document to describe our service better! Please, feel free to contact if you have any question.

Data that necessarily need to serve contents and products

We collect your data in the processing time of our product to serve content. However, we can do it as minimal as possible. We only collect your browser metadata like User-Agent strings and IP addresses used to connect our services. Those data are required to identify whether your traffics is good. Sometimes, in the future, we may analyze the data to protect ourselves or improve the context that we serve. Below is detailed information about what we collect.

What your devices and browsers will send

Your devices and browsers will send to the website where you connect basically are:

  • User-Agent, to provide a better view of the website, so we can deliver the best options of contents over your device because this string includes data directly related to your devices such as operating system, device model, and web browser version.
  • Referrer, to tell where you're from, previous website URL.
  • Accept-Encodings, to provide what compression methods your browser supports to reduce traffic cost and improve the data transaction speed between you and our services.

Those data are called HTTP headers. Your browser will send them every time you connect to the website. Sending data is a process called an HTTP request. However, HTTP requests are stateless and should include some unique or platform data for servers to identify and provide more accurate content. Also, your Internet Service Provider and upstream network providers can log and collect your activities by intercepting the traffics between you and us. Unfortunately, we are unable to protect you in those cases.

What we handle and collect from your data

However, it's not true that every data you sent will be handled and collected on our services because we're not tracking you. We can list what we do below:

  • IP Address, handled and saved to our systems, we use this to protect ourselves from online attacks by determining who is the actual attacker is.
  • URL, handled and saved to our systems, we use this to protect ourselves* and analyze which posts are popular to provide better content.
  • User-Agent, handled and saved to our systems, we use this to analyze which devices are popular when visitors read our contents to improve the view of our website.

Sometimes, to improve the view and speed of our services, we collect the following additional contexts when you use our services:

  • Time to first bytes, handled and not saved over three months, to see which thing impacted your initial connection speed to improve access time to our services.
  • Referrer, handled and not saved over a year, to inspect where you came from to improve the quality of the content we serve.

Deletion of handled and collected data

We're deleting unnecessary logs and metrics created while operating our services. We do accept deletion requests of collected information to protect your data, security, and personal information. If you want to delete it manually, please feel free to contact us. You should send the data to identify you in our system logs and metrics.

Regardless of requests, we can perform deletion of our logs and metrics to save resources of our system.

The technologies we use

We use containers and related technologies to serve our services at the best speed and quality. We trust the technologies we use but are always watching how your personal information is used internally. At this point, we're constantly checking the latest security updates and news to protect you from potential data leaks. You can check what we're using in the below list:

  • Linux, to host our services insecure.
  • Docker, to containerize our service data from the metal machine for better service management.
  • Nginx, handle TCP streams and HTTP requests in the best performance as well. Protect ourselves in common cyberattacks.
  • TC(Traffic Control), to manage advanced network flow of internal server effectively.
  • Ghost, a blogging platform and content management system to host and manage our content.
  • Node.JS, the backend of Ghost system.
  • MariaDB, stores data of our services fast and effectively.

Data that we serve to you

We're always aiming to serve our products to you in the best quality and speed. However, there are some trade-offs in our current system. We want to describe them to you as those data can be saved and implemented inside of your web browser.

What our server will send cannot be refreshed in seconds

We're caching things to serve content to you. In other words, we create ready-to-use objects which don't require to be processed inside of our system for faster delivery of contents. However, there is a problem. To use those ready-to-use content and deliver things to you faster, we need to create cache first. As you hit our website in your browser, our gateway accepts and looks up an existing cache file, otherwise generates it for the speed of the next visitors. If there is cache, you may see cached content that may be old. Again, this means that when we edit existing typo errors, the result will not be present on the visitors' screen right after the edition.

Unfortunately, our blogging system, Ghost doesn't support the proper scaling method or clustering to accept a bigger size of visitors, so we implemented strong caching to reduce system load. We're still finding a better way to serve the content faster without increasing the system load. If you see something that looks invalid, please feel free to contact me. Also, we're always thinking sorry about this problem which not solved perfectly.

Incorrect facts on our contents

There may be some incorrect facts on our website content because every people writing a post is human, not a machine that can work perfectly. We're sorry if you found any errors in your posts. Also, we're highly recommending you contact us to prevent the spread of invalid information.