Typed.sh team is formed with student developers interested in general software engineering. We, as members of the organization, sometimes start and continue small personal or cooperated projects, and Typed.sh is one of them. Aiming to write technical posts in better quality and organize the contents that we've learned before to improve the quality of learning.


We're not the organization that strongly ties each other but there are some core members who operates the services and decides the future of Typed.sh team.

  • HoJeong Go <seia@outlook.kr>
  • UnderC <ink0416@naver.com>
  • Gokoro <lincroe on Twitter>


Also, we have a lot of partnerships from personal engineers to team level organizations. We, with partners, build useful software together and enhance the qualities of services by analzing each other. Partners, also get the special preview of our services and shares our resources. Currently, application to Typed.sh partners are no longer available.

We're currently contacting correlated engineers and teams to establish partnerships.


You can view the resources related to Typed.sh.

The logo of Typed.sh.

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